If you get the following error message when running the upgrade assistant to migrate from OBIEE 10g to 11g:

[2012-10-15T09:52:07.080+02:00] [Framework] [ERROR] [] [upgrade.Framework] [tid: 14] [ecid: 0000JdZQ8_c5aal6wvaeMG1GUw1s000005,0] UPGCMP-02712: Expected oracle.biee.admin:oracleInstance=*, type=BIDomain.BIInstanceDeployment.BIComponent,biInstance=*, process=*_obips1, group=Service Oracle instance, found 0

Then you have to check your topology.xml file. You can find it at <FMW_HOME>/user_project/domains/bifoundation_domain/opmn/. Check if the host attribute within tag <ias-instance> links to your current BI hostname. This was not in my case.

If you get the error that more then 1 instance is found check this file also. The upgrade assistant only supports 1 instance. This is summarized at Oracle Nerd.

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Upgrade from OBIEE 10g to 11g – only with

Currently most OBIEE 10g users plan to migrate to 11g. They install the newest 11g version and play around. But be aware that you can not migrate from 10g ( direct to or You have to run the upgrade assistant on and then patch to Oracle says in Oracle Support Note 1488803.1 “A direct upgrade from 10g  to BP1 is not supported”. Hopefully a direct migration to would be possible again.

Read more about supported upggrade paths: click

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impressions from autumn in germany

On my todays journey to the customer I got nice colors outside. The weather was very foggy and the whole environment looks gray.  Sometimes the sun breaks through and the fog gots a yellow gleam. Kilometers later the yellow gleam changed to a blue one and the view gots clearer. Looking outside I could see the trees with their brown and orange leafs.


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Years ago I decided to create this blog. My aim was to publish practical thoughts about my freelance business. In 2010 my business stoped because of less time and this blog bummed around.

Since 2011 I work as consultant for data warehousing and business intelligence with focus on Oracle technologies. I restart this blog based on my experience, knowledge and thoughts.

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