How to install newest OBI Client Tools

Today I got a nasty error. I edited a 11g repository in online mode and checked it in. I have done the consistency check also. I know there are many bugs relating this in version For example Bug 12426993, 13605692, 13860089, 14038708 and so on. But I am running version and felt save.

After that I got some error messages in nqserver.log that syntax of some logical columns are wrong. These columns are created on the basis of dynamic repository variables. They use VALUEOF(variablename). I checked these columns and found out that the logical expression was removed. The datatype of these columns are set to unknown. After doing some research I got patch 14538078 which is part 1 of 7 of Oracle Business Intelligence Installer. The patch note noted

Having installed the Oracle BI patches, you must also update the Oracle Business Intelligence Client Tools (Oracle Business Intelligence Administration Tool, Oracle Business Intelligence Job Manager, and Oracle Business Intelligence Catalog Manager) as follows:

Ok, and how I do this?

Reinstall the Oracle Business Intelligence Client Tools by following the instructions in Chapter 5 of the Oracle Fusion Middleware Installation Guide for Oracle Business Intelligence.

After finding this document at and reading chapter 5, I got the idea to download client tools installer from BI Homepage. I logged in and selected Download BI Desktop Tools from dropdown list. But the download does not finished. He stopped at 190 megabytes. Next step was searching the biee_client_tools.exe file at filesystem and I found them in mwhome/Oracle_BI1/clients/biserver/biee_client_install.exe. I copied this with WinSCP to my local maschine and installed BI Admin Tool Now the consistency check works fine.

Stupid! May I remind you to update your BI Client Tools to the newest version when upgrade to OBI

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