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EVALUATE in OBIEE with parameter

Last week I had a challange that I solved with Oracle BI EVALUATE function. Because I never used this “advanced” feature before I wrote this quick How-To. Business example: Think of a fact table like this one AMOUNT | CUSTOMER_ID … Continue reading

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Article about Oracle Business Intelligence migration

I wrote an nice article about the approach and snares to migrate OBIEE 10g to 11g. It is written in german and was published in DOAG News 03/2013. Link to my article

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How to create application roles automatically

Sometimes it is necessary to create application roles in Enterprise Manager via script. This is not very difficult. First create a file with your application roles you want to create. Use the following syntax: createAppRole(“obi”,”APPROLE1″) createAppRole(“obi”,”APPROLE2″) Then create a second … Continue reading

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supported upgrade paths for OBIEE to version 11g

When you migrate OBIEE from 10g or or to a newer version it is important to know the supported upgrade paths. If your objective is version (for example the latest then first you has to go … Continue reading

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Log and Configuration Files

At the beginning the directory structure within OBI is obscure. Looking for log information take minutes to find the relevant files. Here is an overview of the most important log and configures files: FMW_HOME is your BI installation directory for … Continue reading

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OPMNCTL – No addresses matched the properties for the request

A customer duplicated (cloned) a whole system inclusing operating system, database and BI. That works fine after applying Venkatakrishnan´s article “How to change hostnames“. We have done this multiple times. But one system does not want to start. OPMN reported … Continue reading

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How to install newest OBI Client Tools

Today I got a nasty error. I edited a 11g repository in online mode and checked it in. I have done the consistency check also. I know there are many bugs relating this in version For example Bug 12426993, … Continue reading

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Load testing of OBIEE

I looked for a possibility to test an OBIEE system regarding performance. Therefore I want to simulate user behavior and query reports to exeute requests. I found Apache JMeter, an open-source application for load testing. Following I describe my easy … Continue reading

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Don´t forget to drop a process flow before deleting

I wanted to execute a process flow with PL/SQL. Therefore I use the following script: declare v_result number; begin  v_result :=          owbsys.wb_rt_script_util.run_task (             p_location_name   => ‘LOCATIONNAME’,             p_task_type       => ‘PROCESSFLOW’,             p_task_name       => ‘PF_ONE’,             p_custom_params   => ”); … Continue reading

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Comparison of the 10g and 11g security model

With this post I want to explain the differences between the Oracle Business Intelligence 10g and 11g security model. 11g is based on Fusion Middleware which implements Oracle Platform Security (OPS). Let´s start with 10g. Usually you manage your users … Continue reading

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